Hotels In Armenia

Hotels In Armenia LEVON TRAVEL is providing a wide range of hotels in Armenia and Karabakh. The huge tourist flows and excellent relations with hotels allow having the most competitive rates for accommodation and other services available to our guests. And we are not trying just making a booking and selling the rooms but paying a special accent on facilities to make your stay a pleasure one. Our agency is cooperating successfully with almost hotels in Armenia and Karabakh with good standards and stainless reputation. Being a guest of LEVON TRAVEL is not just limited to get the best available room and other included services but also to have a very special rate or upgrade and getting surrounded by the warm attention of the hotel staff. Our agency is providing accommodation means starting from Bed and Breakfast and up to 5* available in Yerevan mainly.

Through Armenia is using its own rating system for hotels LEVON TRAVEL is also taking into account the opinions from a variety of sources including experienced company Product Managers, customer feedback, and travel industry reference materials. The ratings shown are a reflection of properties within a respective geographic region. Any questions about specific services or accommodations you may have please contact us and we will provide you with detailed information. Some hotels in Armenia and some hotels in Karabakh, when rated, fell between two categories and were given a plus (+) symbol in addition to their rating - for example, a hotel that rated higher than a First Class, but not as high as a Superior First Class was given a First Class+. Please note: In Europe, rooms may or may not have air conditioning - check the hotel description if this is important. Please also note: Apartments in Europe are also rated using this system, even though they do not have restaurants or lounges.

When booking hotels in Armenia and Karabakh through LEVON TRAVEL you will be also offered to have an airport pick-up and drop-off, airport meeting and greeting service, sightseeing, etc. to make your stay in Armenia an unforgettable one. When requested we will share with you our most competitive rates for hotels in Armenia and Karabakh. Have a nice stay in Armenia!